Campaigns We Love | 20 Jul 18

Veuve - Mail Truck

Veuve - Mail Truck


What is it?

Why don’t we write letters to our loved ones anymore? Veuve asked the same
thing. So for its 2014 National US Tour, Veuve Clicquot created an experiential
campaign - The Veuve Clicquot Champaign mail truck.

The concept was based around reviving the lost art of romantic letter writing.
The truck acted as the moving billboard for the campaign. Once it arrived at its
destination, Veuve hosted parties with DJs and illusionists. Each city had its own
twist, taking over different venues to host the parties.

In New York they took over an old loft & turned it into a post office. The truck
was backed by supporting branded elements such as giant parcels & Veuve
letter boxes.

Key Takeaway:

A sense of nostalgia encourages connection with a brand. We respond to
concepts which make us feel. They have turned this feeling into fun events &
great brand content. Each creation is a haven for Instagram lovers.