Top 5 Weird and Wonderful CNY Campaigns

Top 5 Weird and Wonderful CNY Campaigns

The Chinese New Year is upon us again and 2019 brings a new zodiac sign-- the pig. The pig is a symbol of wealth and good luck, and it seems to be already working for the following brands. Each has launched a stand-out CNY marketing campaign which is resonating with their audience. While a bit weird at times, these five campaigns are also undeniably wonderful. Check them out for ideas and inspiration!

1. Gucci: Three Little Pigs

This year, the creative director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, who is known for infusing Oriental aesthetics and motifs into his creations, launched a 35-piece capsule collection with items featuring a motif of Disney’s three little pigs.

Planned perfectly to launch with the Lunar New Year Season, the motifs were featured on the runway of Gucci’s cruise show. Additionally, Gucci launched a WeChat campaign that featured the items photographed with real little pigs (which are super cute). The photos linked to an e-store along with a place to download fun WhatsApp stickers. Then, the fashion company took it a step further by extending the campaign to TikTok where it seeded influencers such as the young and influential singer-actor Lu Han.

Gucci’s approach is right on target. By using a universally-recognized motif, they have been able to reach beyond just the local Chinese market and resonate with customers. Further, there use of popular social channels WeChat and TikTok have helped to successfully increase their reach.

2. Apple: The Bucket

Apple jumped in on the CNY marketing with a seven-minute film called “The Bucket.” Shot only using an iPhone XS, the film is about a young man who visits home during the Chinese New Year. As he leaves, his mom gives him a bucket which is secured with tape. He is wondering why he needs to take the bucket as it is big, heavy, and not easy to carry on the moped, train, etc. But he takes it with him as he travels far to his home.

When he finally gets home, he sits down and opens the bucket. Inside, it is full of sand to protect eggs. Each egg has a number on it and one has a happy face. The key message is “The taste of home will always bring us back.”

It then cuts to various pictures of adult children with gifts from their parents during the Chinese New Year. This personal approach to the CNY holiday is a great way to make an impression and connect with the audience in an authentic way, in true Apple fashion. Further, sharing that the video was made only using the iPhone subtly shows off the capabilities of their product.

3. Malaysian Airlines: The Spirit of Hospitality

Malaysian Airlines also made a video for the 2019 Chinese New Year season. It highlights the travel part of the holiday and features scenes in the busy airport as people travel home for the holidays. The main character is a young man who is in the holiday spirit, helping others along his way. In the end, he meets his sister and they head off to their mom’s house. The ending message is “May the journey to your loved ones be filled with the spirit of the Chinese New Year” and that “Hospitality starts with us.” This is a great marketing angle to connect with the audience and create a positive impression related to CNY travel with the airline.

4. Deliveroo: Edible Mahjong Tiles


Next, delivery service Deliveroo has a fun and tasty approach this year. For anyone who doesn’t know, Mahjong is a game played with tiles which was developed in China during the Qing Dynasty. It has since spread throughout the world. It is a common tradition to play the game during the Chinese New Year. To help people celebrate, Deliveroo is offering customers a set of edible mahjong tiles.

Each tile is a cookie and the set includes all 13 tiles which make the thirteen terminals combination. Customers in select areas who order over a set amount will get the set for free. This is a fun and brilliant campaign because it ties in the Chinese New Year traditions in a way that customers can relate to and enjoy.

5. Zurich


Lastly, Zurich Insurance Group Joined in on the Chinese New Year marketing by creating WhatsApp stickers that app users can post in conversations. Each sticker features messaging, most have an image of a pig, and all of them have the Zurich logo. This is a relevant, fun, and subtle way of making impressions for CNY.


Hopefully, these five campaigns can serve as inspiration for how your company can market during the holidays. The best campaigns are creative, a bit weird, and wonderful. The key takeaways here are that it pays to use various channels which are popular with your target audience. Further, stay up on the most recent features on popular apps and think about how you can use them to your brand’s advantage. Lastly, never underestimate the power of creating a personal connection. Happy Chinese New Year and best of luck with your marketing efforts in the year of the pig!