Campaigns We Love | 24 Jun 19

Kit Kat's Brand Activation Engages Travelers

Kit Kat's Brand Activation Engages Travelers

What is it?

“Take a break, have a kit kat”: one of the most memorable brand slogans of all time! Kit-Kat Brazil brought this saying to life and used their delicious chocolates to interact with tired travelers at the São Paulo airport. The creative vending machine that Kit-Kat set up at the airport scanned boarding passes to recognize if flights have been delayed. If that was the case, the machine delivered free candy, allowing travelers to “take a break” from the stress of dealing with flight delays!

Why do we love it?

Kit-Kat ensured that their activation would be impactful by alleviating the anxieties of their target audience (travelers and their worst enemy, flight delays). In doing so they reinforced their brand identity and successfully created a link between their snack and moments of relaxation. It was a genius idea!