How to capture the minds of Mothers and Children

How to capture the minds of Mothers and Children

Do you have a product or service designed for children? If so, you may have experienced some difficulty in marketing it effectively? For those wondering how to best reach kids, the truth is, you should really be targeting the mothers. Why? According to Social Media Today,


93% of food purchases are made by women 92% of holiday planning is done by women 85% of household expenditures are the responsibility of women 50% of products typically marketed to men are bought by women

In most cases, the mum is the one who does the majority of the shopping. She shops for the home, herself, and her family members. But what is the best way to reach her?
A hint can be found in the findings of a study performed by Saachi & Saachi. It reported that 65% of mums wish they could spend more time playing with their children and having fun. In the world of marketing, there is nothing more fun than experiential campaigns which bring a brand to life.
Below are five case studies which show how industry-leading brands use interactive campaigns to capture the hearts and minds of mothers for their children.

1) Crayola: Crayon Retirement Campaign

Last year, the well-known and much loved brand Crayola announced one of its Crayons was going to retire. It took to social media and launched a conversation around which crayon should be the one to go. This was backed by an instillation in Times Square.
The stunt caused quite a stir online and brought the brand a lot of attention. When it finally revealed the crayon going into retirement was Dandelion, a series of content followed in a farewell campaign. The crayon became a character which had a great career and now wanted to take off to travel the world.
As Crayola says, "With a little imagination, anything is possible."

2) Disney: Live Virtual Mad Hatter Interaction

Next up is Disney; a brand well-versed in creating magical experiences for children and adults alike. In a promotion for the film Alice in Wonderland, Disney surprised and delighted guests at the Disneyland resort in Anaheim by live streaming Johnny Depp in character as the Mad Hatter onto a billboard. Guests were delighted when the billboard started talking & reacting too them. 

3. Disney: Copycat Characters in the Storefront

Another fantastic campaign from Disney was a window display which surprised shoppers. As you walked by the store front, the silhouette of a Disney character would mimic you. It could be Buzz Lightyear, Minnie, Goofy, Ana, Elsa, Olaf, or one of several other characters. People were so amused once they realized what was happening. They were laughing, dancing, and just having fun with the experience. 

4.  Hamleys: Toy Parade on Regent Street

Hamley's is a famous toy store in London known for its events and demonstrations. Last year, it put on a toy parade on London's Regent Street which brought in over 800,000 people. The much-loved toys that the store stocks were brought to life, offering families a chance to meet them in-person. There were also interactive zones such as the Nerf Vault and Trolls Activity. Talk about making a fun impact! 

5. Lego: Face Mosaic

Lastly, another cornerstone brand in the world of products for kids is Lego. Last year, Lego launched a new in-store experience in London. Shoppers were able to go into a photo booth and have their picture taken. Then, a lego set with 4,502 1x1 pieces would be printed out along with their picture to use as the directions. When the pieces are assembled, it makes a mosaic of the consumers own face! 

Bring Mums a Fun, Experiential Experience

By now you are probably getting a feel for how these experiential campaigns can really resonate with mums and children. They invite you to play and have fun with your kids which is what many mothers really want. It's not an annoying sales tactic but shows the mother how the toy, service, or experience, can really bring some fun into the child's life. Think about how you can use this tactic to create a little bit of magic for your brand which will fuel brand loyalty.