Campaigns We Love | 16 Oct 19

Pernod Ricard partners with Boiler Room

Pernod Ricard partners with Boiler Room

What is it?

A partnership between Boiler Room & Pernod Ricard, who for the first time is grouping its brands together for a joint partnership “Créateurs de Convivialité,” centred on uniting people around authentic, shared moments.

The partnership will tour festivals and include a series of interactive, multimedia exhibitions that “tell the stories behind each festival music pillars,” with the first one to take place in Peckham London. 

Alexandre Ricard, Chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard, said: “music, like our products, brings people together and creates moments of conviviality. Blaise and I share the same values of sharing and authenticity, and I am very happy about our partnership to work alongside Boiler Room and have consumers get to know our brands at the Boiler Room Festival.”

Why do we love it?

Authentic experiences create true brand loyalty. If you start to associate a certain brand with an authentic experience you love, chances are you will begin to feel that way about the brand too! More than just an experience this partnership will create unparalleled content for each brand, with Boiler Room sets watched across the globe. Smart move!