Campaigns We Love | 23 Oct 19

Lexus Unbeaten Paths; a unique test drive experience

Lexus Unbeaten Paths; a unique test drive experience

What is it?

In a bid to encourage test drives of their new car Lexus developed an app which encouraged drives to explore more of their city. Connecting with local undiscovered businesses, the Lexus UX app mapped out an urban exploration route for those who signed up for a test drive. 

"For most independent shops, galleries, studios and cafes, the only affordable locations are in the least visited corners of the city. Instead of giving people a test drive around the block, we created an urban exploration experience that helped them discover the hidden gems in the city that needed a bit of extra traffic."

Why do we love it?

It's not always easy to engage consumers in a test drive experience. The Lexus UX added extra incentive which worked. Results showed a 221% increase in previous launches. 

The app connected with customers social feeds which created a personalised experience based on tastes, making those who took part feel more connect with brand as they were rewarded for their efforts.