Insurance and Experiential marketing.

Insurance and Experiential marketing.

In today’s world, where competition is fierce, insurance firms need to get creative in order to stand out from the crowd and engage audiences. Gone are the days of clever TV or OOH ads which can struggle to generate the desired effects on consumers. Instead, smart insurance companies are turning to experiential marketing in order to spark emotion and leave a lasting impression.

Here are five campaigns from the insurance industry to draw inspiration from.

1- The Walking Coffin

Quebec Automotive Insurance adopted a unique approach to urge drivers to be more careful on the road. Using shock tactics to engage consumers and get people talking.
The experience involved two men walking a coffin through the streets with the sign "Against a car, a pedestrian has no chance." The sight caused a stir, creating a memorable video and guaranteed word of mouth.

2- The Drunk Mirror

Allianz Insurer, Brazil concocted a genius campaign ‘The drunk mirror’.

In an effort to raise awareness around the risks of drunk driving this insurance company created a mirror which delayed reactions, installing it in bar bathrooms. Confused drinkers saw themselves in the mirror, moving a few seconds slower than their actual movements. This campaign stands out from the crowd as it creates a moment in real life which can help prevent an accident. The unusual approach shows the insurance company is willing to go the extra mile.

3 – Award Winning! State Farm

Event sponsorship is not an uncommon tool for the Insurance industry. The key is how to make the most of that investment? Insurance giant State Farm took this challenge seriously with this Award-winning activation which toured events.

In an effort to bring to life their combined Home and Auto insurance coverage they created the Roadhouse. A pick-up truck with a mini furnished ‘house’ built into the middle. The inside set-up was specially designed as the perfect environment to watch the big game. The dream for their target market.

4 – AIA events

AIA is king when it comes to experiential, going the extra mile to create experiences for its consumers. In Hong Kong the AIA carnival is an annual event which brings crowds out in their thousands to enjoy the festive event. In Singapore the AIA Christmas wonderland is now a staple in the event calendar. These mass events give the brand wide reaching awareness, with AIA becoming a household name associated with great events the whole family enjoy. A perfect example of how to create brand love.

5 – FWD, Champions day

Another insurance company which thinks big when it comes to marketing is FWD. Sponsoring and owning multiple events across Asia.

Sponsoring events can be a great tactic to reach your target audience, only if done right. It’s crucial not only to pick the right event for your target audience but to ensure it is activated in a way which drives reactions. A logo on a backdrop doesn’t cut it any more.

FWD understands this. A perfect example is their partnership with the Hong Kong Jockey Club creating the FWD Champions day. The champions day included a series of events including a Gala party with a spectacular branded light instillation and a prize draw.



If you want to stand out from the crowd, think outside the box. Whether it’s through creating content which shocks or amuses your audience or engages them through events which speak to them. Create an experience which makes your brand memorable! So that when it comes to making the all-important decision of who you are going to trust to insure you, it’s your brand which first comes to mind.