Campaigns We Love | 16 Jan 20

Brands celebrating CNY 2020

Brands celebrating CNY 2020

With the year of the Rat fast approaching we’ve taken a look at how some brands are celebrating! 

Here’s our top 3! 

1) Nike; their very first stab at a CNY campaign.

This witty advert playfully pokes fun at well recognised family characters & scenarios. With a playful ending which amuses's and delights audiences. 

2) Apple; a more unconventional spin on the holiday. 

Showcasing a modern mother defying convention and proving there is more than one way to live life. An inspiring, heartwarming story married with perfect scenic shots, (all taken on the iPhone 11 pro of course) make for the perfect holiday advert that you will remember and share! 

3) Blancpain; perfect design and craftsmanship for the holiday season

"Asian countries make up nearly half of the Swiss watch industry’s approximate $21 billion in sales" Jing Daily. Hence why so many watch brands pay attention to the season so keenly. Blancpain stands out from the crowd with its incredibly detailed limited addition design which took years of research.

"With the Traditional Chinese Calendar, Blancpain took up the challenge of mechanically combining two different interpretations of time. Five years of research and development were required to associate within this timepiece the main indications of the Chinese calendar as well as the date based on the Gregorian calendar." Blancpain.


What have we learnt from all of these campaigns? Cultural sensitivity and understanding is crucial. If you can master this then you have a chance at winning the hearts of your target audience at one of the most important times of the year!