Campaigns We Love | 31 Jul 19

New Balance's online-to-offline pop-up

New Balance's online-to-offline pop-up

What is it?

New Balance’s campaign saw the sneaker brand open a pop-up pub, called the Runaway, in London! The brand collaborated with social fitness app Strava to launch four marathon-themed challenges for runners taking on the Spring Marathon. When runners join the Strava Challenge, they'll receive a Runaway Card -- which turns miles run into currency. They can add this card to their phone wallet, then use the miles to get drinks at the pub once they’ve completed a challenge! The pop-up was complete with a mini branded gym and weights area.

Why do we love it?

We love that New Balance partnered with a fitness app to tap into an audience that fits their target demographic. We also love the idea of a pop-up pub -- there is nothing that associates a brand with a feel-good element more than a nice bar!