Campaigns We Love | 20 Jul 18

McDonald's - Ice Cream Vending Machine

McDonald's - Ice Cream Vending Machine

What is it?

What do you wish for on a very hot summer day? Either grab something to drink or a bucket of ice cream? That’s exactly what McDonald’s did. It came in the form of a vending machine, where it indicated that if the temperature reached up to 36.8 degrees - the cover of the vending machine would open up.

Sure enough, it reached 36.8 degrees, alarm bells rung and the cover of the
machine opened. People could then grab the paper containers inside, and scurry over to the nearest McDonald’s for free ice cream.

Key Takeaway:

Understand needs and wants - add in some anticipation when necessary. Great marketing is always understanding the needs and wants of your target audience. On a sweltering day like it was in Amsterdam that day, giving out free ice cream with a bit of anticipation was an ingenious way to get attention.