Campaigns We Love | 20 Jul 18

Ikea's experiential Climbing Wall

Ikea's experiential Climbing Wall

What is it?

A lot of us spend a lot of time lounging, sleeping, eating—heck, living out of and off of Ikea furniture. In order to promote a new superstore coming to Clermont-Ferrand in the middle of France, IKEA created a fully functional climbing wall made from their signature modern furniture.

Passers-by were able to join in and give it a go, with safety equipment and
expert supervision provided. The activation was heaps of fun for the participants
and onlookers and proved the sturdiness of IKEA’s goods in a very interactive
way – great for encouraging brand trust going forward.

Key Takeaway:

Ikea pulled off an unconventional publicity stunt which spread locally and far
beyond, garnering global coverage and recognition for the store opening, but
also for the sturdiness of IKEA products.