Campaigns We Love | 02 Aug 19

Hendrick Gin's brand activation using scents

Hendrick Gin's brand activation using scents

What is it? 

Bringing scents to audiences is always a challenge - more difficult than visuals or sound - but Hendrick’s Gin took it to the next level by activating with scents in the London Tube. They created a first of its kind tunnel wrap featuring scented posters that replicated the key flavors (rose, cucumber) in their gin. They also threw in panels with text that directed passersby to their nearest bar, so they can order a Hendrick’s gin and tonic! Hendrick's are veterans when it comes to Underground marketing. For example, they had previousuly installed phone boxes full of flowers, gin and mirrors in the Underground. It's no wonder that this scent campaign was welcomed with much buzz both online and offline. 

Why do we love it?

We love Hendrick’s commitment to marketing their gin to consumers in the most unique they can. This campaign stayed true to brand identity and product identity, while introducing an element of surprise. It’s the perfect combination!