Earth Day. Powerful brands trying to drive change with powerful marketing campaigns.

Earth Day. Powerful brands trying to drive change with powerful marketing campaigns.

With Earth Day just gone we’ve rounded up some of favourite companies trying to make a difference for mother earth! Creating great marketing campaigns in the process.

1. Apple.

Don’t mess with mother. A new advert launched on Earth day celebrating our planted through a short video with stunning footage captured on iPhone XS.

2. Lego 

Last year the brand made a bold promise. By 2030 the brand will make most of its products and packaging using environmentally friendly materials or recycled sources. The first line is out! New bricks made from sugarcane plastic shaped like plants.

3. North Face

#NeverStopExploring North Face has been supporting our planet since 1966 and this year was no different.
In the weeks leading up to Earth Day North Face urged the general public through a series of events, influencer marketing and a compelling advert to explore more of the outdoors. The events were only open to those who put down their devices and became present in the moment.  The campaign culminated in a petition to make earth day a national holiday. On the day itself all stores were switched to ‘explore mode’, consumers could find all they needed to go and explore the great outdoors without modern day devices.

4. The New York Times

'The Truth Is Worth It’ A new powerful advert highlighting the damages of climate change and the need for truth.
Supported by a line of clothing all with the sentence ‘The Truth’.

5. Ocean's Spray

Making a real earth changing commitment, promising that by 2020 its 700 family farms will be completely sustainable. A first for North America.

“At Ocean Spray, we don’t believe that impact is a part of our business, we believe that impact is our business,” said Christina Ferzli, head of global corporate affairs at Ocean Spray in a statement. “We are proud of our family farmers who sustainably grow our superfruit, and we are committed to creating regenerative, healthy food with transparency for our consumers.”