6 interactive, experiential ideas for your conference.

6 interactive, experiential ideas for your conference.

“The ‘sit and get’ model that conferences traditionally employ is simply not designed for the way the human brain is wired to connect and learn.”

Conference attendees have much higher expectations in this modern era of content-on-demand. Attendees crave access to things they can’t read or achieve on their own. Demand is on the rise for interactivity, experience and engagement. Instead of just listening to speakers on stage, invite audiences to be the experts of their own experience and engage with each other to foster personalized learning and conscious connections. 

Using technology & creative, experiential ideas you can stand out from the rest!

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

1. Invitations

A good first impression works wonders! Give audiences a taste of whats in-store with hand delivered multi- media invitations designed to excite and engage. Built inside the invitation box, hologram or video will tease thought-starters around themes and agendas!

2. Interactive Data visualization

Exploring key agenda themes with crowd polling stations. These spark quality conversation with those around them. Following the event, the data collected and can be visualised into a piece of data design. Transforming data into information, and information into insight. An opportunity to reveal hidden patterns and unearth knowledge that gives clients something entirely new. Creating a dialogue that lives on beyond the event.   

3. Visual event summaries

“Vision trumps all senses”
When information is dense, complex, and ambiguous, information overload occurs, compromising people’s ability to digest information effectively. Creating real-time visual summaries following each keynote and breakout session provides structure and clarity - designed to delight audiences, deepen retention and drive engagement.

4. Smart insights

Determining customer satisfaction is essential for events. Beyond surveys conducted through apps, we can now also accurately measure the response to various activities and  talks throughout the conference? Were your guests paying attention? Were they happy? Was it worth the money? 
Using state of the art smart cameras, facial recognition technology is able to count how  many people are in a particular area at any one time (determining session popularity) and analyse if these people feel happy at that time. The smart cameras are discreet and built with security and compliance in mind. All analytics are updated live and at the end of the day, providing a complete daily report which includes attendee numbers and their general mood.

5. Break out sessions

Engage your guests with thought provoking break out sessions, presented in a colourful way. A way to stimulate mingling and topical conversation. 
How it works:
Questions are posed on a large LED screen. Guests are broken into groups and discuss the questions based on the coloured circle they are stood in.

6. Think deeper with interactive experiences

1. AR - A technologically forward way of engaging guests in the conference topics. A playful release from the more serious atmosphere of the day. 

Unique, engaging, forward thinking.

This AR (Augmented Reality) experience will allow you to transport guests to scenarios of their choosing. Bringing conference topics to life, whilst gauging the interests of your audience.

2. Interactive walls & tables - Showcase conference topics in a way which inspires guests to keep reading.


Want to jazz up your conference? Get in touch today! Or take a look at some of the work Catalyst have done in the past for further inspiration.