Estee Lauder // Sparking change for Breast Cancer Awareness
The Challenge

1 in 16 women are affected by breast cancer every year. Yet 18% of women in Hong Kong have never checked their breasts. EVER! For their annual Time To End Breast Cancer campaign, Estee Lauder Companies wanted to spark a change that aided them in their fight to end breast cancer.  

Our Strategy

One of the main issues surrounding breast cancer is that women are not performing self-examinations regularly. This is especially true in Hong Kong, where the topic is seen as more taboo and sometimes even embarrassing. But if found early, there’s hope.

The task was set to locally appeal to modern millennial women in a way that was personable and relatable – playful and feminine.

We devised a campaign to inspire a movement. #icheckedmine empowered women and sparked a conversation surrounding the issue of self-examination. Rolled out across a holistic 360 campaign, with creative key visuals, messaging and videos designed to educate and spread the message.  Media and celebrities spurred the movement of #icheckedmine, inspiring the general public to take action.

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#icheckedmine was widespread by media and celebrities, promoting the message that it is crucial to check their breasts for early signs of cancer.