Calvin Klien // MYMOVES #MYCALVINS 360 Motion
The Challenge

The Moontrekker race is Hong Kong’s intense overnight endurance competition. As an event sponsor, Calvin Klein Performance wanted to create a brand activation to engage race participants with their brand slogan ‘MYMOVES #MYCALVINS’.

Our Strategy

Completing the Moontrekker race is no easy feat. In fact, it’s the kind of accomplishment where one should jump for joy. This was our opportunity to take the finish line celebrations to the next level by bringing MY MOVES #MYCALVINS to life. Upon crossing the finish line, each race participant received their medal and their very own Calvin Klein Performance race jacket. Next up, a 360 motion photo booth inviting runners to step in and capture their celebratory moves in 360 motion. The result, a piece of content too good not to have, seamlessly building community for Calvin Klein Performance.  


Calvin Klein
Hong Kong
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The Results

MYMOVES #MYCALVINS 360 motion experience was a hit resulting in:

  • Successfully engaging 20% of the total Moontrekker participants
  • 1,400 brand impressions

A fun, unique, and share-worthy experience for participants to capture and celebrate the Moontrekker race. The brand’s slogan was highly visible in every photo capture and was brought to life with the moving components of the photo booth.