The power of Music in Marketing

The power of Music in Marketing

Standing out from the crowd is only getting harder, with brands having to get more creative to win customers attention.

Music is one tool which brands can turn to too differentiate themselves from others. Why? Music has the unique power to trigger emotions. From sadness to happiness or even nostalgia, music makes you feel and if utilized successfully can make you feel that same way about a brand, a powerful tool to influence consumers behaviors.

We have rounded up some of our favourite campaigns which harness music and emotion in remarkable ways.


1- Balmain teams up with Kanye West for this emotional campaign:

Directed by Steven Klein and art directed by Pascal Dangin of KiDS Creative, this video was shot in New York City and features Kanye West, his wife, Kim Kardashian West, along with other models. This moving video is described by Balmain creative director as “This is definitely one of the most incredible campaigns I’ve ever done. When I saw Kanye singing, Kim moving, the models walking and crying, the tears on Kanye, the tears on Kim—I was just like, ‘Wow,’ ”

With more than 26 million views this is definitely a genius move from Balmain. 


2- Hyundai visual Dj set : 

Hyundai thought outside of the box for this campaign. Creating an exhibition which aimed to ‘reinterpret the underground scene’ through contemporary art & music.

The exhibition sought to demonstrate how contemporary artists have embraced elements of underground culture in their work, it offers a glimpse into the different facets of society conveyed by the artworks featured in a fully immersive experience.

The experience featured a DJ set by popular artist Peggy Gou with a private dancefloor constructed so that consumers could ‘dance like no one is watching’. Combining music with unique instillation, the exhibition blew up Instagram.


3- Philips used  the power of art and music to improve MRI experiences : 

This campaign from Phillips is both innovative and surprising which is why it won several awards.

The idea was simple. How to turn an uncomfortable MRI into something more relaxing? Phillips transformed the experience by adding soft opera music combined with dynamic light and projections.

Through this campaign Philips secured brand love as they really listened to consumers’ needs and problemed solved in a meaningful way.


4- Coca cola  with “Taste the feeling festival”:

Coca-Cola’s iconic tagline was taken to the next level in the Philippines a few summers ago with the ‘Taste the feeling’ festival. With live music, games, stalls and of course Coca-Cola on tap this festival really brought the words to life. One of the highlights of the event was bottles of Coca-Cola “skydiving” into delighted consumers hands.

The event was a resounding success with over 10,000 teens and the young-at-heart in attendance, creating special moments with family and friends and, most importantly sharing pictures on their social media accounts.



5-McDonald’s Teams Up With Spotify to Offer Playlists — Based on Uneaten French Fries :

In the mood for some music with your large fries?
McDonald's joined forces with Spotify to offer tunes to its customers. In Latin America, the food giant and sound maker Lucha Libre, welcomed individuals to line up their French fries their trays to trigger music. In the event that their fries didn’t fit, clients were instructed to eat some. After opening Spotify, fast food fans could scan the ‘code’ created by their half eaten fries. Spotify then delivered a playlist -'FriesList'. Humorous song names such as 'FriTops of the Moment,' 'I'm Out of Fries,' and 'Somebody Stole My Fries were featured.

This campaign inspires consumers curiosity, generates word of mouth and ultimately enhances McDonalds fans experiences in the restaurants.



What have we learnt from all these campaigns? Music moves people. Whether it’s to a emotionally charged state such as with the Balmain campaign or to a joyful feeling such as with McDonald’s, one things for sure, everybody loves music, you just have to find the right tune for your brand and your target audience. When well matched the results can be outstanding.

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