Key Takeaways from Marketing Pulse 2019 HK

Key Takeaways from Marketing Pulse 2019 HK

In case you missed it... From scary campaigns to the China Gen Z, to how to successed on Linkedin. Here are our 5 key takeaways from Marketing Pulse 2019. 

1) What is the key to a good campaign? According to the global head of brand marketing for Burger King; "it is an idea which scares you", doesn't take your brand to seriously and has the balls to make fun of the competition. 

These rules to live by are clearly seen here in the Whopper Detour campaign. 


2) What is the role of an agency in todays world where so many brands have an in house team? 

According to Leo Burnett Shanghai it is our role to be objective. To be able to look at a brand without being emotionally attached to it. We give an unbiased view which can give valuable insight to how the world views your brand. 

3) Ever wondered how Jiang Xai Bai concoured the China Gen Z? Zoe Fu, Director, took us through how they recognised that KOL's are king and that nothing sticks for long. You have to keep on your toes with this crowd who have no loyalty and are always desperate to try the latest toy! 


4) How to succeed on Linkedin? We heard direct from the source! Amongst other insights we learnt that companies which post weekly gain twice as much traction as those who don't. 

5) And finally. Some wise words to end on. How do we stay relevent in this world of tech innovation. "We're not going away, neither is tech. We need to figure out a way to get along".