Campaigns We Love | 07 Aug 19

Delightful Twist by Coca-Cola

Delightful Twist by Coca-Cola


What is it ?


CocaCola wins the advertising game again with this creative campaign, which promotes recycling. The advert shows the iconic CocaCola ribbon swirling across ad spots ending with a finger which directs passers by to recycling stations.
The campaign is currently running in Central and Eastern Europe, and also made a stop at Bulgarian music festival ‘The Happy Energy Tour’, which had around 200,000 attendees last year.


Why do we love it ?

With this smart move, Coca Cola is not only promoting its environmentally friendly side but is also having a real-world effect.
Publicis Italy reported that since the campaign, recycling rates have increased by around 85% from cans collected in the CocaCola bins.