The Challenge

Calvin Klein wanted consumers to re-think Calvin Klein Underwear, shining a light on the diverse collections available.

Our Strategy

As a brand, Calvin Klein champions individuality and true authenticity.

As the garment closest to you, your heart and your skin, Calvin Klein Underwear is about providing feelings of comfort and beauty that empower you from the inside and out. Calvin Klein supports each journey to finding your unique voice, balance and power.

Built for all, this campaign celebrates diverse beauty and the beauty of diversity.

Featuring inspirational voices with independent minds, we invited ten diversely empowered individuals from around Asia to share their story of empowerment, support and success - each outstanding in their passion, charisma, daring attitude and how they challenge perceptions.  The world sees them one way, but we reveal what shapes them inside, what supports them and how obstacles transformed into victories. Whether pioneers, creatives or leaders, they reveal how we all need to balance inner beauty and comfort with outer confidence.

Launched on International Women’s Day, #MYSTATEMENT spread across digital, social, in-store and OOH.



Calvin Klein
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The Results

In just one month…

Catalyst developed the creative concept, researched and built a network of hundreds of women across Asia, developed talent relationships, managed agreements, planning all campaign logistics and production.

  • Over 500 videos
  • 30+ photos
  • Social strategy
  • Regional campaign toolkit
  • In-store activation to bring the campaign to life
The campaign was so well received it was upgraded to include the SOGO Mega TV, one of Asia’s most prestigous billboard spots