HK Express //Hunt n’ Fly
The Challenge

HK Express have the most direct flight routes from Hong Kong to Japan. But beyond the major tourist hotspots, many of their destinations were gems waiting to be discovered.

On the cusp of a brand overhaul, they wanted to move away from the usual focus of being a low-cost carrier by creating a fun, content-led engagement campaign.

Our Strategy

HK Express needed an innovative O2O campaign to promote its flight routes in Japan.  We devised a city-wide scavenger hunt which would unlock content on a tourist destination, share it with friends, and gain points along the way. The reward? A chance to win prizes from HK Express.

To avoid customers having to download yet another app, the scavenger hunt was built as a QR code activated web app packed with features that you would usually only see on native apps, but this time no download was required. With each point collected, a new destination-focused piece of content was revealed.

The campaign was a hit with both HK Express and its customers and is now a white-label solution powered by Catalyst.

HK Express
Hong Kong
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The Hunt n’ Fly campaign for HK Express was a success with over 1,000 active users of the game and positive social media impressions.